Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I'm using today to pay tribute to some of my favorite birthday memories...

  • Labyrinth. Growing up this movie would be a "must-see." I made parents search for this movie yearly during my elementary days. We watched it with my girlfriends for every birthday slumber party.

  • Sledding. Since my b-day is in Jan. and being close the snowy mountains, sledding in the nearby hills was a b-day favorite. I told my mom that's what I wanted to do. This was accompanied by cheese, crackers, and Hickory Farms beef sticks, yum:) My family was there, including Lyndsay J., Lisa Hess, and Callie Bunderson (those are the only ones I remember!)

  • Dodge ball. The year my mother made me invite every single girl in the 6th grade. Apparently I wanted so many people there that only a few girls would be left out, so my mother made me extend the invitation so that all would be included. We went to the CD 3rd Ward building church and played dodge ball (yeah, Adrianne Bradley and I thought we had one mean throw!). I remember getting homemade crotchet butterfly barrettes from Corey Lefler? which I later turned into wall hangings:)

  • Betos. One year, the girls threw me a surprise b-day party @ Betos at midnight It won the prize for earliest b-day party ever. Nila had Manny make up some story (which I completely believed) about having to meet up with his friend Peter who was passing through town on his way back to The 915. I was completely surprised and happy to have some of my favorite people (Nila, MALEINA, Emma, Jared, Gary, Emily, Jo, etc.) at one of my favorite late night eating spots.

  • Pinatas. This was the b-day I had in Utah right before I moved to Cali to accept a new job. We had cake and ice cream at Nick & Vee's place in Orem (by the Novell house). The highlight was when they brought the pinata out (to celebrate the Mexican in me). We hung it out under the porch and swung away..."here fishy, fishy!" (I think it all started with the palm tree pinata @ age 23...my roomies know my true roots...VIVA LA RAZA!) lol

Well, I could go on and on about memorable birthdays, but I will spare you the monotony:) I'm 28 today. It doesn't seem like I've lived very many years, but much has transpired over the years making me grateful for each one. Yes, many years of been better than some, but good or bad, I've been happy just the same. So, here to all those people who have made dailys worthwhile, taught me life long lessons, laughed and cried with me and helped shape me into the person I am today, ahe'hee:)

2008's gonna be great!


nava_jo said...

I have ZERO memories of that Wierd Pianta thing. I wouldn't belive I was there but I know my big Bottom anywhere :).

Love you Sis, and Happy Birthday AGAI|N!!!

Crystal & Co. said...

Happiest Birthday! Dodge ball? For some reason that doesn't surprise me. I remember watching Labrynth once for one of Maleina's birthdays (I'm pretty sure it was her birthday). Happy day whatever you plan to do.
Love you!

bennet said...

Aww...good times...well I hope that your birthday week is only improving for you and thanks for being you! Much love to you friend...and do you want me to swing by Betos and pick you up a breakfast burrito?? LOL! That does sound good, eh?! Much love! Nila

Give Mease a chance said...

Many Happy Returns of the day!

You know...you remind me of a babe...a babe with the power...the power of voodo.

mj said...

Jo do you remember the 23rd year? When we went to Sams'Club and got the cake. No one was at the bakery so the janitor piped it for us! I forgot all about that until I saw the picture. And am I not one of your favorite people I was at Beto's. Wasn't it my idea guys? Okay maybe not but I do remember being there. I love you just the same and I hope you have many many more happy memories of great birthdays!

imdancepants said...

Labyrinth frightens me. The glamorous and androgynous David Bowie as of the present has not yet made it into my inner circle.

So, pretty much I think that you are a brave soul.

Amber said...

Sorry to be late, but Happy Birthday baby! You know what this means, I am going to be just as old as you this year. Scary.
Lots of love from the only true and living Kaye.