Tuesday, February 26, 2008

WORLD WATER DAY....get involved!

So, this month is all about sustainability...well, this year I guess. Everyone's getting more and more "GREEN" conscious to the point that I may even call it trendy. Even if it may be "trend," I'm happy either way. Because it can be an overwhelming concept when thought about (the amount of waste we produce/our daily consumables). Which is why "sustainability" goes along perfectly with my new motto:


Now I know alot of your might think that's funny, or definitely a challenge for someone like me (its true), but I believe in it, and am currently trying to do such. I recently had a conversation with one of my girlfriends who had just gotten back from a week vacation to Costa Rica. She said there's always an "adjustment" when coming back to the states. So many things just seem so important here, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the designer, your stylist, etc. I know I feel the same way, especially when I go back home. Especially on the Rez, I don't think I ever wear makeup and I certainly don't "dress to impress." People would look at me crazy if I was walking around the flea market in Dior stilettos...ha, ha...or imagine trying to chase sheep in heels or designer wear..ha, ha...anyways, I'm trying to live as SIMPLY as I can for the time being (a hard feat, even here in The OC, and for a label whore such as myself). So wish me luck. Anyways...the reason for this post (sorry for the tangent) is the follow:

March 22 is "Walk for World Water Day." The purpose is to draw international attention to the critical lack of clean, safe drinking water worldwide. As most of you don't know, this is in part what I deal with in the Environmental Industry. This is a day to observe the 1 billion people who lack clean water. In case you're interested in participating, check out the link below.


Let me know if you're interested. A group of us from here are planning on attending the walk in Santa Monica. You can also check out their myspace or facebook.


P.S. If you're also interested, here's another site that you can contribute to that is actively installing wells/installing drinking water for those who do without...we're also involved in this and contribute annually to the cause: Water For People.


elesa said...

Very cool. I have been thinking about wastefulness a lot lately. How much crap we buy and how much crap we throw away. But sometimes it seems like the only way for me to beat it is to move down to Mexico and live in a little shack. I could live in a shack here, of course, but somehow it just seems easier to leave the country. Let me know how your living simply goes. And I'll come back and look at all the water stuff when it isn't 12:30 am.

Crystal said...

Ah, living simply.
My mom had to get ocean water for washing and cooking as a little girl. I'm sure it's no longer as clean as it was back then. I'm glad her "green" upbringing carried over into our American household.
Good cause. Hope you have a good walk.