Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

  • RECYCLE. Find local recyling centers in your area here.
  • WALK, BIKE, BUS or CARPOOL to work (try to park your car more often! Easier on the wallet, and better for the body!)
  • CONSERVE water. Turn the tap off while brushing teeth, and when lathering up during face wash and when shaving. Also, use the dish washer! They use less water than washing/rinsing by hand!
  • REUSE. Take your own bag when shopping. Most stores offer resuable bags now and some even give you discount if you bring your won. Also, note what others are doing to support this cause: As of today, Wholefoods will no longer use plastic bags.
  • USE LESS ENERGY. Unplug your appliances when not in use - TV, lights, microwave, laptops and cell phone chargers. Buy a power strip with an easy on/off switch. Chargers still use use energy when plugged in. Also, switch to energy efficient light bulbs. They use less energy which means cheaper energy bill!

Anyways, lets take care of what we have and all practice "hozho". Nizhonigo hazliin, nizhonigo hazliin :) Peace!


I'm Crystal. said...

YaY! Wouldn't it be awesome if everyone did at least these 5 things? My mom had us doing this stuff since back in the day when it was so uncool to re-use and ride public transportation. Can you believe how times have changed?
I'm glad we haven't.
Happy Earth day!

Mari said...

Not too many recycling places in CD but I do drive my little scooter around. Your Mom and I were scooter buddies for awhile and had the same little Zuma. I think we should have cruised Main and hung out at Maverik.

Dezi Lynn said...

That's why you asked how to spell hoozhogo nazlliinoijiojiouoij... and I don't know how to spell it, obviously. :) Anyway, I haven't done anything with blogs in forever, I didn't know how long it was. But yeah, I want to hear about your 5K!