Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm in PHX

This weekend has been all about family, family, and more family. I flew in Thurs. night and have since been all around PHX area and up to Flag. I'm currently with the babe while her parents are out for dinner. I was able to meet up with my parents as well as other family members for breakfast (I'll post pics later). I was also able to see shinuli while in Flag. She looks like she's doing well and she's still my hero. She'll be 100 this June. Her cute sisters in the same home, 102 :) All I could understand from her was, "Shijekalh" aka "I can't hear well." Anyways...Monday means back to the daily grind.



nava_jo said...

LUCKY! I want to see Mom and Dad and Nali. :) I think we have everything move to our new place. Now we are in the process of painting, getting situated then Cleaning :( the old place. I wish I was rich and could just hire someone to clean.

oh well. Yea post pics when you get a chance. love you.

bennet said...

what a busy bee you were but it sounds like you had a great time...i'm glad you were able to see your units, it's always nice to hang with the mom and dad...:)