Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Have A Namaste!

So, I finally got my lulu bag:) I was in dire need of a new yoga mat (remember sisters? buying me that yoga/pilates kit oh so many years ago? Well, its finally time for a replacement). Anyways, I decided to go with bright colors (lemon/blue), not to mention I picked this one because its eco-friendly:) Lululemon specialized in yoga/dance clothing and accessories. They have a cute little store in Fashion Island and another coming to Irvine soon. I can't say that their reusable eco-conscious bag with purchase wasn't another big seller:) Mike says he wants to try yoga to. He actually said one of his football coaches said yoga was one of the hardest things they could ever do. There's a class tomorrow, but I think it'll be pushing my luck to get him to yoga, then volleyball afterwards :) Oh, and Dave, has your "injury" healed yet? Its namaste time.

Here is one of my favorite centers here in Newport: Triad Yoga (you can attribute my co-workers for this one).

Although, I have yet to try this one: YogaWorks . One of my old visiting teachees teaches there (at the NB center). I have yet to try it out.

But for now, I'll keep hitting up my "already-paid-for" weekly classes at The 24...:)



BRE said...

oh i love the bag! score me one of those!

imdancepants said...


Yeah, I need a new mat too. Mine is definitely flaky(literally).

Is yoga on The List too?

Naco said...

Yoga's ALWAYS on the list :)