Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

I realized today how greatful I am for:

  • Soldiers who have fought in the miltary, and especiallly those whom have died for the cause; for their bravery and willingness to serve so many who don't appreciate their service and whom they've never yet.
  • For a country who still believes that "In God We Trust."
  • The older, more patriotic generation for reminding us younger generation how important it is to have pride in our country and honor in our flag.
  • Those who care to visit the grave sites of loved ones past and take care in cleaning the headstones and replacing the flowers.
  • Avon, for being so loving and accepting of others and for leaving a legacy behind of patriotism and fun a vividness for life.

Thank you for your service from the WWI to our soldiers who are currently serving. AHE'HEE and Happy Memorial Day!


I'm Crystal. said...

Amen sister.

Ashley said...

I love the post, it is amazing how much people do for our freedoms and how much they sacrifice so that we can be free.

Josh and Tawnya Begay said...

hey can you send us some of your cupcakes.. thanks..

Kao said...

It's amazing how differently I view things now that we are in the AF. Our ward has a ton of military members and many have been deployed, sometimes more than once, leaving their family behind.

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