Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sad Face Day ):

So, after 18:49 min. phone conversation, this was still their conclusion:
"We apologize, but we don't have a rack fit for your vehicle.
Our Fit Technicians
have scratched their heads over this and they don't easily admit defeat, but
unfortunately your car is "unYakable". "

So...what does that mean for my bike, ski, and cargo racks? Risk using the '06' model Q-Clips? Or spend another $300 for a Thule mounting system? Or perhaps trade in my car? Humm...decisions, decisions...


nava_jo said...

Yakima has something against our family or against foreign made vehicles. Because they also said our Suzuki Grand Vitara was "unYackable" too.
Boo, Yakima and all of your OUT OF REACH goodness. :(

Naco said...

They said if that happens its because they couldn't get their hands on that specific vehicle model to do actual fit testing. He said I could be okay with the '06' model Q-clips, but he can't say for sure (liability). Like I have the 5dr option (that they didn't test) but they did test the 07 sedan and hatchback... ):

Amber said...

new car definitely!

Ashley said...

That is sad, I love Yakima, that is the brand of my jogging stroller. I feel like an idiot, I for some reason bugged you about posting to the EHS blog, only to find out that you had posted to it. I am sorry about that. I was just looking through it trying to decide what to write.