Sunday, September 28, 2008

Anything Box @ Detroit Bar, 9.27.08

Ahh...such beautiful music. It was great to be apart of it, and so close to home? Who can complain about that. Oh, and the last time they were in Cali was 16 years ago? And they hadn't preformed together since 97 or something? I don't remember the stats...but it was in the 90's.


Oh and check the guy out in the crowd to the left..he's killing me. He was such a trip. You only get to see a little bit about his deep passion for Anything Box :)


Dezi said...

Hahaha, i don't even know who they are but I love it. the guy on the left was awesome, he was like their junky... I mean groupy. Hahaha

nava_jo said...

I love crazy people at shows. :)

Naco said...

SERIOUSLY. He was so passionate about it. The people in the back of him were crackin' up to. I tried to be inconito with my video abilities...he did look at me a time or 2 and stifeld the passion momentarily (key word: momentarily). :)

mj said...

To funny. You know you wanted to dance with that guy!