Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dia de Los Muertos

Me encanta Dia de los Muertos. Fuimos a downtown Santa Ana ayer. We caught the tail end of the celebrations. Other highlights of the day includAdd Imageed getting to see Rafa for 2 sec. and spending more time with Uyenners and Lenners. I'm pretty sure downtown SNA is going to be one of our regulars (Uyenners and that is). I purchased these cool little magnets (or origninal pices of art) from a photographer named: Cory Lundquist. He's very talented and spends a lot of time in Asia (which is where a lot of his photographs are taken). I ended up buying a small print some kids looking at a koi pond. I had a hard time narrowing it down to a single pic to buy (I really, really, really wanted the magnets, but couldn't justify paying $6 per magnet). He was fantastic and ended up throwing in a free magnet with the purchase of my 5x7 photo. I highly encourage original art and and very photo pro. Anyways, you can check out his cooollll original art magnets here. Keep it up Cory, and thanks for the orginal art!


BRE said...

i love the bottle cap magnets! they are so cute, you should have bought one! i looked at his page, i like his work

Naco said...

Me to :) Which is why I only have 1 photo and 1 magnet...guess now you know what to get me for Christmas! lol