Thursday, December 4, 2008

How To Freak Your Sister Out

Say words like:

mucus plug

Yeah. So my sisters going to have a baby, actually they all are (Vee and Tawn are pregnant also). I'm not pregnant nor will be expecting anytime soon. And honestly, words like the above listed make being an Auntie sound so much more pleasant:) I think I'll keep my Auntie-hood for now and in the mean time, just keep waiting for the sisters to have the babies:) Yah for Aunthood!


Crystal said...

Add "episiotomy" to that list.

supercalla said...

You forgot the words that come next, projectile vomiting. poop, runny noses and lots of crying.

Auntie words include: tickle me, laugh, play, ice cream, lets go to the zoo, and many other happy thoughts.

Lyndsay said...

I HATE the second term on your list. I can't envision a scenario when it'd be appropriate outside of a hospital setting. I realize many others don't share my view.

Mrs. Cheeseball said...

Holy smokes! Three babies in one year? That's so much fun. Good thing you are the bomb aunt.

Naco said...

Uh...yeah. Thanks Crys lol

nava_jo said...

Crystal, I didn't think of that word. UGH!

mj said...

all I know is those kiddies are very lucky to have you as an aunty. And after all the above mentioned sales, I'm thinking you are going to have well dressed nieces and nephews!