Saturday, December 20, 2008

R.I.P. Hamilton

I started to make a batch of lovely, yummy, holiday sugar cookies this morning. As soon as I turned on my Hamilton Beach hand mixer, it *poofed* and then...nothing. I though the plug may have tripped, but alas, no such luck. My college hand mixer was dead. I had just started to cream the butter, lame, so had to clean out the beaters and pull out my trusty (no fail) wooden spoon. I finished the cookies (ended up using my washed and sanitized hands as kneaders and tossed the too-much-effort-to-mix wooden spoon). Now, I have a lot of appliances that I got in college, as the near by Wal Mart that are still in working condition. I haven't felt justified enough to toss them and buy the ones I really want yet because they are still in good shape, just not top of the line. Anyways, so I happy that it had timed it parting with Macy's one-day sale. Yeah (I'm always looking for excuses to spend money on something I want...ask me about my William Sonoma waffle iron that I bought for our chicken and waffle potluck). Anyways. I couldn't open my pockets and fork out the $300 (one-day sale priced) 5 qt. Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer (in a myriad of lovely colors), so I settled for a black, 5 speed Kitchen Aid hand mixer.
It was $20 off and not as cute as the 7-speed Martha Stewart Blue Collection one (priced at $70), but suits me just the same (the blue was soooo cute!). Anyways, so today was out with the old, and in with the new. Rest In Peace Hamilton! You served me and my college roommates well! Its been lovely! Oh, and I'll have to let you know how I feel about this new mixer. Its cute. And hopefully I really like it and that it'll last me a long time (since I could have busted it over the the nearest Wal Mart for another $20 mixer...)., next I need to shop for a hair dryer! Mine FINALLY died. Yeah:)

(I swear I'm trying to eat the cookie, not scream in its earz....)


Crystal said...

Yay for appliances that die during great sales!

mj said...

I want to know about the waffle iron. I truly miss your waffles!

Amber said...

I love all things KitchenAid! Look out for the coupons. Aaron got my 5qt at BedBath&Beyond on sale and with a 20% off coupon. So romantic, right?