Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Really Like This Ladi....

So don't ask me why, but this "Ladi" is off chain. I just can't help but think of Ms. Fila herself when I watch this video, maybe its the style, maybe its the voice; whatever it is...I know that Ms. Fila could replicate it and make it her own. So, Ms. Fila, this is my shot out to you...I think its time for a career change.

Ladi 6 - Walk Right Up

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N for Fila said...

Oh snap! You flatter me, I like her a lot though! She's mad tight and a Kiwi..woohoo and brown, can't beat that!! Where did you find her??? I"m gonna have a take a closer look at here stuff...I dig! I would love to dabble in singing...I just need to find some people to jam with and do my thing! LOL! Thanks girl, that made my day!!!