Sunday, April 19, 2009

Its that time again!

The Lupus Foundation of America is sponsoring Walk for Lupus Now, LA again this year in Exposition Park, Los Angeles, CA

Thanks to all of you, I was able to reach my goal of raising $1,000 last year. This year's I'm going to double my goal to $2,000. I starting earlier and hope to be able to do it! Please take a look at my link and consider making a donation of any size. Even if everyone made a $5 donation, that would amount to a lot in the end! Every little bit counts. Its been a year since Eme's passing and the money we raise is going to further research in hopes of preserving the live of thousands of others who are currently suffering from this disease. If anything I just want to raise awareness about the disease itself.

Thank you for you time and I'm thanking you all in advance!


Nacolynn :)


elesa said...

I seriously can't believe it has already been a year. Or is it a twice a year thing? It just doesn't seem like it has been that long.

Anyway, I am happy to donate. I have an aunt with Lupus, and it is a bummer.

Nakki said...

It is a bummer E. Its such an expansive disease, and little is still known about how to treat so many symptons, which is why I'm glad I can be apart of helping along the research. Thanks E!

mj said...

So I went and made a donation but I think I did it to the site and not as part of your thing! Can I change that? oh well good luck to the fund raising and you guys go!

Nakki said...

No you did it MJ! Thank for the donation! You were the first of millions to come!!! I need to start sending out e-mails...thanks! You're the bestest!