Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Garden "...land, people, food = Happy Days."

I came across the following trailer for a documentary, The Garden:
"The film centers around a community garden that was started after the Los Angeles Riots in 1992. It was 14 acres of farmland on the outskirts of Downtown Los Angeles maintained by the South Central Farmers. It also happens to be the largest urban garden in America."  I think this is pretty messed up.  I understand the motive for politicians behind it, but it just still doesn't seem fair to those who have grown accustomed to some small pleasure.  Garden plots are getting more "popular" these days, but if your community even have plots, you have to be on a waiting list forever and there's not guarantee that you'll even get a spot.  Which is my little apartment patio will, for now, double as a place to put my pots (mostly succulents..haha, I'm not really good with anything else...but a tomato plant is in the works, just have to buy a pot)...anyways, if you're interested in viewing for this movie, you can check it out here. Via...

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