Monday, May 18, 2009


GET YOUR BIKE OUT AND RIDE! Where? To work, the grocery store, other errands, the beach, a friends house, the park, etc.  It doesn't really matter where, as long as you're biking!  If you're in downtown LA there are fun things going on (check here). Otherwise, we can just celebrate on our own...

I'll hopefully start celebrating tomorrow.  I didn't get my bike back on Sat. (its getting a tune-up) and I had to take a friend to work (his car broke down) today, but you best be sure I'll be biking my soon-to-be-little-legs off this week! 

The above web-site also has a link to a cool CO2 calculator...see how much you're not emitting into the atmosphere!

Get out and ride!


elesa said...

Oh man! I wish i had some sort of baby bike trailor to stick on the back of my bike. is it considered ok to just carry a kid in your arms while you are riding a bike?

nava_jo said...

Elesa I was thinking of using a baby back pack to ride around with my child. But my husband isn't down with that. Something about not being safe blah, blah, blah!