Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So we had a HUGE thunderstorm last night (not to be confused with a rainstorm, I'm pretty sure we only got a little bit of rain).  It was seriously HUGE! I was awaken at 2am (I made sure to twit as it happend!) to the LOUDEST thunder ever. I'm pretty sure I know what it would sound like if we were bombed. Not to mention all the car alarms that proceeded to go off after that...I thought I was dreaming at first (or that I was on the set of movie), but it was consistent.  You could see lightening lighting up the sky through the blinds and feel the windows rumbling! Now you may think we're weak cause us "So Cal'ers" don't get much by way of thunderstorms, but I'm telling you this one was LOUD! Its by far the loudest I've experiece having lived in Utah (it can pour) and Oklahoma/TX (hello! Tornado season ring a bell!).  I also contemplated going into the roommates room (I may have been a little scared, like I said it was loud!), but didn't.  Come to find out this morning that she was thinking the same thing! Man, good thing little kids didn't live in my house, they would have been crying for sure! And I'm not the only one that thought that! Check out Yelp! plus more pics and stories via OC Register's Science Guy!


elesa said...

whenever a big storm comes along like that, I am always SURE it is going to knock the house down.

Amber said...

Bigger and badder than a midwest storm? Impressive.