Monday, June 15, 2009

Still Night, Still Light

Aahhhh.....the sweet sound of Au Revoir Simone is what filled my Thurs. night. I was so happy to hear that I had won tickets (I know, right?) earlier that day. I had actually won tickets to another show earlier that week from them that I couldn't attend (I had to e-mail them back so someone else could go for me). The e-mail reply this time read:

"Au Revior Simone
Haha only if you promise to come!

El Rey list +1
Bring photo ID"

Haha, well I did, in fact make the show and it was fantastic. These 3 women have magical voices and make such pretty, dreamy music. They preformed a great live set as well. Also cool was that they were cruisin' around the venue before hand with their friends enjoying music. If I were a crazy fan I would have bothered them for a pic, but I'm not. My favorite saying of the evening? When then thanked us for coming out to the show (they were playing on Laker night)..."I'm not sure many of fans are sports fans..." lol They were also featured, with other lovely bands, on Anthro's "We're With The Band" segment (you really should check that out).

Three other bands headlined, The Antlers are worth checking out. Oh, and thanks to the El Rey theater for the tickets, I made it to the show, just like I said I would :)

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