Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday Night Date Nite

So I took myself out tonight (so I obviously had a hot date) to see Paper Heart. It was great. I've been wanting to see this movie for quite sometime now. I forgot how much I love Indie films. When I lived in UT we'd frequent that theater downtown SLC that played a lot of Indies/documentaries. There were a lot of great previews and as a result I will be making my pilgrimage to the theater again, and again.

I found this little gem on the Paper Heart web-site (an oldies but a goodie). Here are my M.A.S.H. it a sign? ;)

Crush: taleni james
Job: in and out
Location: conn.
Vehicle: Range rover
Color: pink
# of Kids: 2


nava_jo said...

That is better then the MASH I did. I ended up marrying Pee Wee Herman. :) I guess it means my future is Bright like the BIG TOP.

N for Fila said...

I wanted to see that movie so I guess I will, thanks for the review. :)