Sunday, October 25, 2009


Good evening ghouls and gals! We've started out Halloween right here in the NB/SD.VP household. We had a ghoulish gathering here Sat. night which included cute cookies (thank you Mandy), cupcakes, fake Cheezits, chips, bubbling potion punch, and popcorn as we sat down to watch a very scary movie, entitled "Monster Squad." It was a forgotten flic from 1987 that was clearly filmed in the back lot Universal (R.I.P. NY streets). It was fun decorating. So much fun I decided to blog about it. So here we go. The outcome of Valli & my scary decorating abilities...and....action!
Spider's invaded the house! They're so fun, and so effective and cheap!
Ooooh! Scary! They broke the bank at 25 cents a piece @ the local thrift store!
Redrum. Redrum.
Halloween cupcakes!
Cute spiders and their webbing.
Very affordable table cloth (I guess on the size @ JoAnns and was totally right! It was a great fit!)
SCARY Halloween victims! It was a fun & successful night :)


nava_jo said...

Oh so festive. we totally missed out. Joseph was whining when he saw the pics of your party. He was wondering why we didn't get invited. I told him we DID get invited, but we stood you up. RUDE! Well, we totally missed out. :)

Josh and Tawnya Begay said...

happy halloween!! Wish we could visit you there!!! we miss cali!!!

Cathy Duffy said...

Happy Halloween! I LOVE the picture of all the Begay ladies!

Vallie said...

I love the fmaily picture, it's so fun!!!!

Lyndsay said...

Come to my house and be the Halloween fairy. I have been a Halloween grinch.

Dezi and Brock said...

I haven't even heard of that movie. Sounds way better than Drag Me to Hell. Haha, wish I couldve gone!

Maleina said...

you are so cute and festive!