Monday, January 25, 2010

"So This is the New Year"

Welcome 2010. Some things I will accopmlish this year:

  • Make a quilt (tips, tricks, and advice gladly accepted).
  • Put another stamp in my passport (any ideas of where to travel?).
  • Take a Wilton cake decorating class (is Michaels the only place to do this?).
  • Finish Nicky's photo album! (My bookbinding skills have slacked off this past 3 years! Oopsie)
Well, thats all I had for "events" thus far...I've also made personal goals in the area of physical, spiritual and intellectual that are posted on my "hard copy site" (aka my journal, oh yeah, that should be another "To Do in 2010" Write/Draw more!). Any ideas of other things I should accomplish this year? (besides skinny dipping in the ocean...this is carried on from last year)

Here's to Zen in 2010!


Amber said...

Change your middle name to the correct spelling :)

Maleina said...

great goals! Joanne fabrics also does Wilton classes. Do you have one in your area? I bet you could find other specialty cake and candy shops that have them as well.

Dezi and Brock said...

I wanna take the cake decorating class with you! Meet me in Utah in August-ish or September and let's hit the Michael's class with Bre.

Dezi and Brock said...

P.S. Use your passport and come here. You'd have to drive to use it, but that's okay. :)

elesa said...

Teach ME how to bind books. That would be a great goal!

Nakki said...

'come on over Elesa! I'll teach you anytime!


Dez-Sounds great. Tell me when & I'll hop a plane!Should we take a fondant class??? lol

Ticklemedana said...

coming from someone who did it in Daytona Florida, skinny dipping in the ocean is the BEST feeling! just don't do it during a full moon...=)