Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Birthdays in The City

"Another year older and wiser too, happy birthday to you..." So this birthday was by far one of the best that I've had.  It was kind of a spontaneous thing, that ended up with me and friends in the "concrete jungle."  I've been wanting to go to NYC for ages (the closet I've got is Paramount and NBCs "New York" streets - which are a pretty good replica if you ask me).  I won't use this a travel blog but instead will highlight some of my favorite things about NYC.

My favorite things about the 212 include:

Williamsburg (Brooklyn) - We got off the subway to see the Marcy Projects (birth place of Jay Z & Memphis Bleek), and roamed around looking for pizza.  One our way to a couple highly rated pizza places (thanks Yelp) we ran into a piece by Space Invader.  I'm obsessed with street art and found this piece THE highlight of my trip.  I've seen one of his pieces here in LA, but was ecstatic to see other in NY.

Brooklyn Bridge - So this bridge was constructed in 1883, which is forever ago right.  It was one of my favorite things to walk across, see the water, statue of liberty in the distance, cars driving around&beneath us, see the view of Manhattan, etc.  What amazes me is that this bridge is wicked old yet still super sound in construction.  Its not a very far walk (a definite "must do") and has spectacular views.

Broadway.  Love that there are SO many theaters and that the arts are so accessible.  There a tons of shows playing daily and you can get discount tickets where even the balcony seats are good seats.  The citys old, and so are the buildings, which are a plus when it comes to shows.  The small size of the theaters make almost every seat a good seat.  I saw 2 shows while I was there, loved both.

Transportation: Subways & my feet. What a convenient and effective way to travel...LA, you need to get on the program! They're onto something here!  People told me to bring good shoes since I'd be doing a lot of walking (I had to figure the weather in too - it snowed while we were there), little did I know how uncomfortable some of my "comfortable" shoes really were.  I like walking everywhere.  I also feel like it combated all that I ate...

E A T I N G! Soooo many good places to eat: pizzerias, cafe's, bakeries, hot dog stands, food trucks, etc.  I ate more pizza than anticipated (on 3 occasions), gotta love me some NY style pizza :)

Museums, people, culture, architecture, originality, art, shopping, diversity....love it all.  I'm hooked.  I've been experiencing serious withdrawals, mark my word, I'll be back...this year.  You can count on it :)


nava_jo said...

Please don't move to NY. Then we will NEVER see you. Other than that I'm glad you had fun. Much Love!

Dezi & Brock said...

Yeah, don't move there. I keep thinking California is temporary. I'm so glad you had fun! That's all I thought when I went there to see Bre, I really don't understand that stuff, haha. We could have stayed in her uptight Nanny house and I wouldn't have cared, haha. Anyway, I knew you would love it!