Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kitchen Favorites

I have two older sisters and a mom. I've decided this is why I didn't really learn how to cook very well growing up.  I can bake (I'm assuming my sugar cravings and my far distance to the nearest bakery forced me to learn), but I'm very limited on what I can cook.  I've decided to list a few kitchen favorites that have aided in me becoming the next Bakerella (I can dream can't I?).

Egg Perfect Timer
This has revolutionized my egg boiling skills (they were pretty much non-existent before this little dandy. Evidence here and here).  I got mine at William Sonoma (I might have bought one for my mom as well). 

Cuisinart Rice Cooker/Steamer

This little guy has been a staple in my single life.  Its so easy to use, and requires little "cooking" ability.  I usually throw rice in, and steam vegetables, shrimp gyoza's or add chicken...done and done.  Its easy to put away due to its retractable cord.  I LOVE RETRACTABLE CORDS.

The Cuisinart Griddler

I just got this for Christmas, and I. Love. It.  I had been trying not to buy this for myself (I have to leave something to register for when I get married right? I am getting married someday, right?) but my mom....uh, I mean Santa beat me to the punch.  I've been eating with this thing the last couple of days and I highly recommend it.  I made panini's, pancakes, grilled chicken, grilled fish, and fried eggs. Its great, has detachable plates that are easy to clean and dish washable (I HATE washing dishes so anything "dishwasher safe" is a bonus). The plates have a flat side and grilled side.  I also found that you can buy waffle iron plates (maybe I'll register for those?). I want them.  

These are the main kitchen items that make my life easier. Dare I ask what items you can't live without? A girl can keep wishing can't she? 




tanni said...

So good to know you learned how to properly boil an egg. Everytime I read about you trying to boil an egg I feared for your life.

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