Sunday, January 13, 2008

Its a Small World Afterall...

(I just realized I end pretty much everything with "..." anyways...:)

"Time, time, who's got the time???"

Apparently I did. I took half a day on Thurs. to meet up with my brother-in-laws family at Disneyland. They try to take a trip yearly with the kids. Sadly enough, my sister and the little ones couldn't make it this year (dang UVSC), but it was good to see the Peterson just the same. Now I know its only a 25 min. drive from my house (15 without traffic), but I've seriously only been twice. I always thought it to be more of a place for children, but I have to admit that I entirely enjoy myself everytime I go. Not to mention, that many of my friends will now be happy to know that I am a proud owner of a season pass, which means more visits, and more Cinderella and Snow White.
I also forgot to mention that Mel & Doreen both had those fancy self-powered wheel chairs, this meant that we got to the front of the lines with no problem. I would honestly consider renting one, just to skip the long lines...j/k ;)

Here are some pics of Thurs. events:

Is my hair really that brown? My 1st ride of the day: The Matterhorn w/Jess & Chutchut

Yeah for Space Mountain! Russ & I literally were running after these girls to get in line. Did I mention that we rode it a row? Yeah for youth.

The girls sitting still for a pic.

Chap's "Pirate face," they did a FANTASTIC job with the paint.

The End.


Lyndsay said...

oooh i like the bangs.

Ken Duffy said...

have you always had a blog??? now we can keep in touch better. love the hair. you look cute!

imdancepants said...

Dear Ms. Begay,

You are lovely. Thank for thinking that I am eloquent. I feels special. Happy Birthday Eve!

A. Lew

Naco said...

Thanks to all! This most recent haircut has me looking more and more like my mother I think:) And Kashi, I just started this blog this year. Happy birthday to you to!

Amber said...

Bangs and Disneyland!! Two things I am still resisting. Happy Birthday, if you get a chance in Walnut Creek there is the best BBQ place, The Hickory Pit. Really great stuff if you are into it. Strangely enough it was my Jewish grandmother's favorite place.