Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"...in south central L.A., TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY..."

One of the things I love most about LA are the blank canvas' disguised as empty walls, buildings, freight trucks, or locomotives. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I come across a newly tagged train, or a painted up alley. My addiction to graffiti art has led me down skid row, trailing the tracks, and up alleys and side walls, most (if not all) in areas where my mother would cringe to know I'm at; and places where my little brother says, "yeah, but can mase counteract a gun from 100' away?" It is this obsession that led me to today's little adventure. I was headed downtown, actually in search of Giant Robot, which had obviously long been converted into an American Apparel, anyways, these are a few of the pieces I saw today (and yes, mother, in perfectly safe areas...this time:)

"Up again the wall, up against the wall..."

This guy had the same idea I had.
"I wish I had a big brother," mutter a on-looking homeless man.

This one was a love piece of sorts.


Make love not war!!!

I'll post more pics later of awesome walls and signs I captured during my "travels." But first, I must condense them:) Peace.


Lyndsay said...

These are so cool!
But I want you to remain alive. Maybe you should pack some heat?
[I had at least two people say that to me over the Christmas break...]

Naco said...

Funny thing is work usually sends me to areas like this (industrial parts of the city), so I have been known to throw on a safety vest and carry a clipboard around. Its surprising how nobody asks you questions with those simple 2 items:)

imdancepants said...

Naco, this is soooo cool.

Crystal & Co. said...

Fascinating. The funny thing is that I just go out to my garage and about once a year the side facing the road is all tagged up. I should start taking photos before I paint over it.

P*Funk said...

I have the ultimate bombing clothes...a Caltrans hard-hat and a reflective vest from when I was a student electrical inspector.

Hahaha you could get away with so much taggin' and braggin' on the freeway!