Thursday, January 31, 2008

WANTED: Respectable roommate ASAP

So I haven't been to proactive in finding a roommate (my current roomie just moved out last weekend). But seeing as how rent is due tomorrow and I have to pay double rent (OUCH) I'm scouring the net for possible canidates. After checking LDSLinkup/LDSHousing and Facebook, I've resorted to Craigslist. Here are some of the winners I've found:

Looking for a 420 friendly place, hoping to find one within walking distance to a beach. Contact me if you think we might be a good fit. Please include the rent $ amount. Thanks! Nori

I am looking for a Nerd friendly household: High speed internet, and techy/gamer roommate/roommates. WoW players? (No antisocial or dirty people please.)
call me anytime. -felix

Hey there - I need housing...I am in dire need of it. I am willing to do any work for you, to repay. yes,my friend..things are not looking rainbow fresh and pretty... 29,male,educated and jobless

Hello, I am a 23 year old female that currently lives in Northern California region. I am looking for a place in Orange County, but I wanted to stay some where temporarily until I find the right spot for me! I am very laid back, respectful and goal oriented. I am not looking to live off anyone, but I am willing to trade housekeeping duties, cooking, etc (I went to Culinary School). Please feel free to throw any ideas you might have at me. I am open to anything. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Okay, so those were just a few of the winners. Needless to say, I will not be contacting any of them. So the search will continue. If you know of anyone...let me know!


Crystal said...

Have you tried advertising through the local institute? That MAY make things easier for you...but then I dunno.
Come live with us!

imdancepants said...

If you want...I'll put a sweet 3x5 on the Wilk board for you.

nava_jo said...

Looking for Roomates, in the "World" is tough. But the Institute is a great idea. Or try posting on a CHRISTIAN website. OF course over Jubilant Christians are just as scary as 420'ers sometimes.

Ali B. said...

OMG! Good luck! Hope you are feeling better

PhDinHistory said...

Have you tried these?

bennet said...

Oh dang...people are so bold...and desperate! LOL! Hmm....perhaps you should myspace it...hahaha! J/K! And that 420 reference is that like a scripture?! LOL!

mj said...

could me and my sister and my two kids maybe be your roomies in May? We want to come out when Emma finishes not cure yet but I have been hopping if we do come that your casa would be open :) Hope you find a good help with the rent rommie soon!

Naco said...

MJ: Mi casa es su casa! Please come, I have an open door policy when is comes to friends!

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