Monday, January 28, 2008


Okay, so today was officially the LONGEST day I've worked to date:
::18.5 horas::
In the words of my famous old roommate, "WHO ARE YOU?" ;)


veeda said...

that is a very, very long time.

Crystal said...

Who ARE you?
I pulled a shift like that last week. It was called "The Family Flu"

bennet said...

dang girl...take a break on fact take two!

nava_jo said...

Hello Overtime AND Doubletime!

Now gets some sleep :).

Love you!

mj said...

Really who are you? That is insane! Hope you have since caught up with those ZZZ, they called they are looking for you.

Naco said...

To bad salary doesn't pay double time...that's it, I'm joining a union! :)

Ken Duffy said...

you are crazy!!!!! they better be paying you well.