Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Check it Out! I'm Famous!!!

In a town of <2,000!> This basically means I'm old and 1998 really seems like a LONG time ago...ouch. Oh, and P.S. I didn't submit that pic...thanks Lynds :)

The blog: http://emery1998.blogspot.com/


nava_jo said...

I just spent the last hour spying on your graduating class.I wish our class would do something like that. Tel Lynds Awesome idea on the blog.

Crystal said...

sweet! Will you sign my {yearbook}crack? lol

Naco said...

No thank you, I won't ever be signing any crack of yours.

And I know. Good idea...its kind of crazy to see where people are at. Some people have been married for 9 years? How crazy is that. I can't even imagine that. With like 4 kids? Interesting.

Amber said...

I can't believe how OLD you are!:)