Friday, July 4, 2008

Let's Dance to Joy Division...and Pretend That We Like It

1st and foremost: H A P P Y I N D E P E N D A N C E D A Y ! ! ! Hope you all had a safe and happy day of celebration.

This is what I got to do today:

P.S. Its 11:11 again? Ahh...lovely wishes on a day off of work :)


Crystal said...

Yet another quality family film by Naco.
If you have a Wal*Mart nearby, those acrylics are .44 each.
I may be trying this in the near future.

Crystal said...

ps: holy canoli, your bloglist got super long all of a sudden.

Anonymous said...

great job ladies

Dezi Lynn said...

Hahaha, that looks cool! I think the video did a great job explaining exactly what to do. I feel confident that I could go home and do it on my own.

bennet said...

i heart the wombats like i heart you

bennet said...

like i heart the wombats and yourself, i heart your production and i'm going to go and do that...question...what kind of paper is that???

Naco said...

Yeah! I'm glad you love The Wombats and me as much as I do! :)

You use just regular wax paper (like the like you use for cooking). When you iron of the shiny side. It heats the wax and makes it stick to the t-shirt (making it non-permeable for the paint/medium combo). Try it! I wanna see the results :)

imdancepants said...

It's freezer paper!

A little different from wax because it's coated with plastic instead of the wax.

I'm not entirely certain if the wax will come completely off the fabric after the ironing.