Thursday, July 3, 2008

Love These Little Guys

...they make me happy and are so fun to open, collect, and buy (not to mention look FANTASTIC on my jackets) can get them in different themes (aka my hot pink bullet Zipit comes from the 'Things That Hurt' series...I really wanted the brass knuckles one!).

Here's are more detailed and professional description:

Prozac-infused or just naturally happy, no zipper pull has ever demonstrated this degree of job satisfaction.

From illustrator Kat Leuzinger, these doe-eyed cuties are tickled technicolor at the idea of clipping onto your hoody, bag or sweats.
Or, take a look for yourself here.


bennet said...

those are super cool...way random, but super cool...i need one

Crystal said...

aak! I think I NEED these.

Naco said...

Send me addresses and I'll send you some! They come all indivually packaged to. So fun to open...I have 2 for my little bro's package as well. Every missionary needs one of these :)

Cathy Duffy said...

wow. they are so cute. how on earth did you find them?

Naco said...

Cash-The from a store here in LA called Kidrobot They also sell their stuff and various art stores.

Dezi Lynn said...

Wow, these are so interesting. I do need to get to work. I took your advice and put my phone down, but it didnt' last long, I'm on your blog now. I'm so lazy!!