Monday, August 18, 2008


Mr. Rogers...pervert or O.G.?

Was he special, or just couldn't talk any faster? Ha, ha...Now I'm off to practice my newly acquired moves.



BRE said...

haha! omg that was so funny! love it! desirae and i were laughing for forever! it totally reminded me of the twin black boys at the club in vegas! i guess they watch you tube too!

Dezi said...

The twin black boys totally took lessons from Mr. Rogers! Hahaha! And sometimes I talk like that in my classes. Haha, yeah right, I'm totally kidding. This was hilarious, I love it!

Dezi said...

P.S. "I really like the way you do that."
Hahahaha!! I never say that with my kids. Not even when they break Dance!

nava_jo said...

Your just jealous, that your generation of Barney and Friends didn't do "Solider Boy" or something like that. Mr ROGERS just proved how HIP he was.

:) - Doing the wave-

Crystal said...

Definitely O.G. I LOVED watching Mr. Rogers...but I always hated when the trolley led to the puppet land part. Blah.

Naco said...

Those puppets were scary I thought. To doll-like in my opinion.

Dez-perhaps you should learn a few techiques from Mr. Rogers :)