Monday, September 1, 2008


"Hi, I am with 'Yes on Proposition 8' and I'm in your neighborhood today. Are you familiar with Proposition 8? Well, basically, its to be an amendment to the Constitution that says:

"Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California."

This was basically my "opening" when going around a couple Sat.'s ago as many of us Californians walked for Proposition 8. We we door to door asking people how they would vote, if they were to vote today. I knocked probably 120 doors for ~3 hours. Sadly enough, only 3 households whose doors I knocked said that they'd vote, "YES." It was an overwhelming response of, "I could never support that. I would have to say NO."

Now I don't consider myself to be very politically minded. I am a registered voter, but I have never been one to join campaign or even watch presidential debates, ect. So me going door to door with a campaign for a Proposition is out of the ordinary. I debated on staying home that Sat. morning (thank you Allison for encouraging me to go). I had to think about why I believe in this enough to go door-to-door (besides being strongly encouraged by my church officials). I believe strongly in the family unit, as defined by mother, father and children. In thinking of what it would be like for my future children to grow up in a world where that was the norm or having to explain why "Jimmy" had 2 daddy's...I don't want that. And then there's the issue of The following are other consequences that would result if the amendment didn't pass:

"The Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage did not just overturn the will of California voters; it also redefined marriage for the rest of society, without ever asking the people themselves to accept this decision. This decision has far-reaching consequences. For example, because public schools are already required to teach the role of marriage in society as part of the curriculum, schools will now be required to teach students that gay marriage is the same as traditional marriage, starting with kindergartners. By saying that a marriage is between “any two persons” rather than between a man and a woman, the Court decision has opened the door to any kind of “marriage.” This undermines the value of marriage altogether at a time when we should be restoring marriage, not undermining it." (taken from

I'm still doing my research. I encourage you all to do the same. I've already had conversation/confrontations about my stance on this issue. There is possibility to burn many bridges, but I feel strongly about this.
There are also other good articles that you can check out in the LDS newsroom.

Donations are also being accepted at 
OR you can also sign up there to volunteer. We're already been seeing media spots for the opposing side (tv commercials, radio spots). Any small amount would help. Anyways, check out the website and let me know if any of you have any enlightment on the subject. Thanks.


nava_jo said...

Going door to door is a fantastic idea. Way to go sis! Joseph and I aren't in a position to donate, and we were trying to figure out a way we could actively stand for GOOD, on this issue.

:) I'm proud of you for thinking of a great way to support "THE RIGHT"

Love you!
P.S. did you get flashbacks from your mission?

Al. said...

You make me proud.

Andrea, Mrs. said...

I agree with al.: You make me proud.

You're awesome.

Naco said...

JO: there are other ways you can contribute:TIME. You can ask you local authorizes what you can do or sign up on their volunteer list (off You can even do something as simple as displaying a sign in your yard or car. CALI NEEDS US!!!

Naco said...

I don't know how it is up there, but its all over the media here: radio/tv. Seriously they're working REALLY hard at getting this thing passed.