Friday, September 5, 2008


So in celebration, I'm listing this week's list of:  

1.  Yummy, yummy, delicious goodness packed inside a cute little, edible BUNNY GRAHAMS.

 2. Another Annie's bunny favorite...The ever so lovely CHEDDAR BUNNIES!
3. Thao's album: We Brave Bee Stings and All.
She's ever so lovely and always is capable of making one happy, don't believe me? Play "Bag of Hammers." (p.s. if you want to search her on itunes, type in 'THAO,' or 'THAO NGUYEN.'  She's also known as Thao Nguyen and the Get Down Stay Down...). 

4. MOJO bars by CLIF. I love the name (its also a nickname for my seester) and I love these bars. I like CLIF in general, but these are new, and crunchy, and lovely, and tasty and delicious...I think CLIF sums is up just dandy, they said: 
"Honey roasted peanuts - when bees and peanuts get together, nutty sweet & salty things happen." And who can argue with that?

(Oh, and for more pictures of real live people, who have real live bees....check this amazing, female, olympian-like bee keeper--->HERE.)

What are "a few of YOUR favorite things?"


supercalla said...

So far my favorite is Fear and Convenience.

Lyndsay said...

I don't believe in eating bunnies.

nava_jo said...

I love your cannible'listic taste. YUM! Seester, did you hear we are moving to AZ. :) Closer, but not as close as I had planned. So now Vee just needs to move to St. George! and you can move to Vegas! Deal!

Naco said...


Amber said...

Where do you get cheddar bunnies? Seth would love them, so would his mom.

rocky and rachel said...

teagan loves cheddar bunnies.

Cathy Duffy said...

i swear, your blog is so entertaining
i love checking your blog to see how you are doing.

Naco said...

Ambers-you can buy them anywhere. The health food store for sure, but even the grocery store should have them, or at least they do out here. But if not, you can always order them on-line...

Rach-Teagun might also like the new movie that just came out then, called HOUSE

Cathy-You're the!