Monday, October 20, 2008

Walk for Lupus Now Oct. 18th, 2008

Well the walk was a success. I was fully functional, surprisingly (I couldn't sleep the night before. At all. Went to bed at 12:30, only to get up an hour later and start packing...finally fell asleep at 4..). I was all jitters (internally) as I packed up the signs I made the night before sat waiting for Dane to get to my house (he was on "work time"). Well, finally off to pick up Pearl, make a Starbucks run, and head to LA. There were SO many people at the walk. I honestly don't remember that many last year. I wanna say it doubled in participation. They said, that more than 2,000 people registered. Our team had the most people on their team, which was a competition I guess. We won, which meant t-shirts for our whole team.

Here are some pics from the event. What we didn't take pics of, was the booth, (any team who raised over $2500 got their own tent. Our team raised over $2500. I came close to my goal, with a final collection of $942. Thanks again for your donations!) nor did we take a team pic. We had a lot of support and it was fun to come together to support such a worthy cause.

The rest of the pics have been uploaded to my facebook. You can check out the album here.

Well, there you go. Just wait till next year. We'll be going bigger and earning even more for the cause. All donations went to the Lupus Foundation of American. Together we can find a cure! Thank you again for a wonderful event and for all your support! I think Eme would have been proud :)

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