Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Was Great!

It was the best of times, and the worst of time. Dear 2008, you were great, and here are the highlights (compliments of Barby Fierce y Ms. Ebullient!....):

What was your best thrift store purchase?
My suitcase. Old skool w/no wheels and a belt buckle at top, but more for car travel than by did people use to travel with no-wheel luggage.

When was your favorite moment?
Humm...of late it would be Dec. 17th when I got a new niece! Thanks Joleen!

What phrase did you overuse this year?
"Shawty you a 10"...j/k I dunno?

What is one thing you learned about yourself this year?
That I'm still as fickle as I've always been! Ooh, and that I love painting (acrylic) and felt! Felties are sooo fun (I'll post pics of my new friends later lol)

What did you not get to do this year that you wished you had.
I Skydiving. Pam and I had wanted to go and even set a month to do it by, but never did! Oh, and get my passport, I know! I still don't have one!

What was the song of the year for you?
Crazy - Pitbull (well, anything Pitbull probably)

Most frequently worn footwear.
Brown Rainbows...they're very much in need of retirement

Most awkward experience.
Opening a letter informing me of a possible misdemeanor due to failure to appear in court.

Most unexpected experience.
3 deaths in one year.

Coolest place (geographic) visited.
Joshua Tree...loved it. Some great exposed geology and tons and tons of awesome climbs (just be careful...that monzogranite like to eat flesh!)

Wow! Goodbye 08! You know you've been great! And 2009, you will BE MINE!!!!

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