Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jan. 1, 2009

What did you do today??? This is what I did...

1. Made waffles for breakfast.

2. MADE homemade bread. There's a reason why people don't make bread anymore. It literally took me ALL DAY LONG. Mix, rise 1 1/2 hrs., kneed, rise another 45 min., put in pan, let rise another hour to double...seriously...and the final result? Its edible, but ugly and I thought there were enough for 2 loafs but it ended up being only one. Anyways...I'm going to continue to buy my bread. The only bread I will be making is banana.
I had thought there were enough for 2 loafs...either they didn't rise "double their size," or I misjudged? I also didn't know how to roll them. I just formed them in long shapes and put them in the pan (I tried to understand my mothers directions via phone, yeah...).The final product: tastes edible when plastered with butter and jam of choice. lol

3. Painted. Our living room piece still isn't finished (its completely experimental) and I had to do something while waiting for the bread to rise...3 times!

4. Then went here, thanks Antro!:
Ahhh....what a lovely way to end the day :)

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Crystal said...

Your bread looks WAY better than any loafs I've ever made.
Near the end of my mission my comp and I had barely enough money for food so we MADE bread and it turned out looking and tasting like a large brick. lol
I'm all about banana bread though.