Monday, January 5, 2009

"Maybe Its a Sign"

I love signs. I think I always have. I remember as a kid taking signs/license plates, window decals, etc. I no longer take sign, now I just take pictures of them :)
Really? I'd like to think I have options.
Ahh...the joys of the film industry. I'm still waiting to catch my break and get noticed lol
Ha, ha...seriously? Who does this? I only know of one person, and her maiden name is JOHANSEN lol


Lyndsay said...'t.

Crystal said...

hmmm...I DO remember a few of your street signs hanging around the ohana house. Those were fun. Are you sure you're happy just taking photos of them?

Nakki said...

Ha, ha....Yes...I...did:)

Cry-I wonder what happened to that "detour" sign. I loved that thing. I hope I kept that... perhaps its at home in my garage.

Amber said...

Do you still have your "STOP" sign? Shocking!

Nakki said...

I had a "stop" sign? Ha, ha...I hope I kept it!

Mrs. Cheeseball said...

Hey, know that down hill sign? Here it is: When I was little, I used to think it was a robber sign. Think about it - the wheels are eyes, the hill part is a bandana over the mouth, the cab and trailer are a hat. I thought the percent indicated with each of these signs meant that was the percent chance you'd have, if you stopped on the road there, of getting robbed.

mj said...

no more stealing signs? I totally remember the detour sign that was classic.