Monday, December 8, 2008

Warehouse Sale Weekend: Recap

Well, as the previous post mentioned, I was out shopping for bargains this weekend. Here's a re-cap of my day...Welcome to the wonderful world of warehouse sells! They usually happen semi-annually (which is perfect before holidays). I stated out late for the Obey sale. They're smart. Thousands of people pass through the doors (I entered at 9:30am, doors opened at 8am and 700 people had passed through by then, and after waiting in line, its hard to hold yourself back from buying a lot, to make it worth the wait.
Some of the other crazy people in line for this sale. I should of come earlier. I waited in line for 1.5 hours...and to keep the line moving they only let you shop for 30 min. Yeah, 30 min. which wasn't that easy, considering the inside looked like this:
Boxes and boxes of clothes, separated into mens/womens, knits, pants, sizes, etc. This would probably drive most of you crazy, but for some reason I love it (well any kind of shopping in general, especially when I get good deals. Ask me about the cashmere cardigan I bought the day before from Anthropologie for $20...yeah, originally $228...anyways...back to WAREHOUSE sales).

Next was Paul Frank. I got distracted along the way with other sales by SALT Optics and Kingsley (hip baby rocker clothes - an Angelia Jolie pick for her kids). There were more, but waiting in lines and picking through clothes can be very exhausting.

Paul Frank Industries, outside the fence waiting for entrance...people seriously buy up this place. You'll see mom come out with HUGE bags. I would to if I had children. I LOVE Small Paul (and so will the new babes;)

Here's another line, but this one was for hot dogs! And do you see Skurvey and Julius in the back ground? So cute. Anyways....that's about it. I bought a lot of cute stuff, and it really does pay to shop the sales. I like the madness and the deals. You better believe come this summer I'll be out again. I'll keep you posted! Oh, and FYI: OBEY's extended their sale through this Fri.:

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Crystal said...

You are Wonder Woman.
I have zero patience for shopping, but I always enjoy seeing what everyone else is able to find.