Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Eraser Love:)

So, I was blog'o browsing and came across this site. I've been uber interested in blockprinting and regreat not taking a class in college. I've dabble a little bit into, but still don't know much. Geninne's Art Blog posted about using pencil erasers as mini-blocks/stamps. I had already purchased a Speedball lith carver thing (I don't even know the name!) so took it to work with me.

What I forgot to do (I did the same thing when printing out iron-on transfer) was to super impose my words. Which is why my cute "thank you!" stamp turned out like this:

Which stamps out on paper something like this:

(sorry! for some reason I keeps uploading sideways...grrr...:)

Anyways, next time I'll be sure to transpose? superimpose my letter before carving! (Oh, and can you tell that the 2nd stamps a cuppycake? I think it looked like a muffin, then a rain cloud, ha, haaa). You should try it. Its easy and those eraers are much easier to work with than linoluem! Speaking of which I need to buy more blocks....

Peace people!


Crystal said...

Oh I love that blog! In fact I think I found her by googling around for lino cutting info and found her gorgeous tutorial, which led me to her gorgeous artwork.
Those are cute erasers if I say so myself. Ya done good Naco!

nava_jo said...

Fun idea! Angelcia and I did something similar but with Potatoes. But rubber stamps are a better idea because they don't get all rotten on you :)

Cathy Duffy said...

very impressive! man, you are totally crafty. You always find new crafts to do and you do them so well.