Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My New Theme Song

Ha, ha....enjoy:)


elesa said...

So cute!! How many times do you think she has watched that video?

supercalla said...

that is cute, nikki just don't branch off to other youtube pics with the same song, oh my.

nava_jo said...

Only a lil'girl would take the time to learn all those steps. I love how seriious she is about the dance. :)

Cute, Cute. Cute for that lil'girl. I am not sure I want my lil'one doing all those moves. :(

Clean Slate said...

Wow. I'm pretty sure that little girl has better dance moves than me :)

This reminded me of this little girl I saw in Target once. She was standing in the middle of the cart while her mom shopped singing, "My humps, my humps" over and over again. Sadly, I didn't have a camera to record it, because it was awesome.