Friday, February 27, 2009

1 Glass of Creative Juice, please

So some of my favorite places to shop (excluding designer) is my beloved Antro and its sister company Free People (all under Urban Outfitters Inc.). I love their clothing and the style. Its pretty, soft, creative, unique, pricey, and original. I spend more of my money @ Antro (but not nearly as much as I'd like lol), since the nearest Free People store to me is in Torrance (excluding what items they have at Urban and Nordys, etc.). Anyways, I've been a fan of FP's blog for ages now and have recently decided to participate in some of the "craft" swaps they frequently have. My 1st was the Christmas swap. I exchanged gifts with a girl in NY. And she sent me some uber cute things (sooo creative!). They always do a Valentines Day Swap, of which I also participated in (making it my 2nd FP Swap). I've finally finished my gift (I was forgiven for being late! My item didn't turn out as planned so I had to opt to plan B...I'll post about that later). Anyways, this is what I ended up sending to my swap partner...You can see more of the swaps at the flickr, here.

I made this bracelet from a bunch of old jewlery that had taken apart long ago (glss, wood, and ceramic). I especially like the leaves:)

There were a series of 2 necklaces comprising glass seed beads and sterling silver, tied together with ribbon.


BRE said...

tres chic! love it! i want to see what you got from the ny girl!

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Chris said...
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Cathy Duffy said...

ok, you are seriously so talented!