Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Want to be Like MJ

So, I got this off MJ's blog, looked at my pics and decided to re-post. Enjoy.

1. Go to the document/my pictures site on your computer
2. Go to the sixth file
3. Go to the sixth picture
4. Blog about it 
5. Tag 6 people (do it if you like! I'm tagging everyone.)
This pic was from my "transient" stage in life. Hahahaa j/k I was actually in Utah, visiting for ??? The lovely Jr. Olympian Karen Gailey picked me up from the air port and we ended up at Antelope Island. I thought it would be cool (its sounded cool on-line).  And we really did want to swim in the Great Salt Lake (just to say we did). Well, it ended up stinking SO bad and we didn't get to close to the water near their "beach" area due to the infestation of flies! Ew. It was so gross. I imagined that's what plagues during bible times were like. Anyways, back to the pic. Her sister ended up going into labor this day so instead of having her drop me off in SLC I told her I'd catch the train down (we ran into Russ and Trudee @ Cafe Rio and after visiting with them at their house we found out that there was a train nearby that runs down town). So, I had Karen drop me off here, my luggage and all. It was funny and I did feel quite transient.  It was a fun little train ride (reminded me of the we took an adventure via Surfliner to Carlsbad after an overnight stay on the beach resulted in me loosing my keys during one of the midnight frolics...that's another blog in itself lol)! Anyways, Elle picked me and my huge bag of luggage up somewhere near the library and the trip ended up being a success. Whew. How's that for a description lol :)


mj said...

Do you have a picture of the flies? If you do I don't want to see it to many of one insect gives me the heebeegeebees! I am glad you did this one you always have interesting photos! And of course stories to go with :)

LFA said...

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Nakki said...

Gross. No files. We tried to limit our contact as much as possible! There were people in the water (don't ask me how) who has discarded clothing on the shore. This guys sweatshirt was black but when we walked by it turned green...cause all the flies flew off it! It was nasty, nasty sick!