Monday, March 23, 2009

Festival of Colors

I came across this blog via freepeople. It documented pics from Holi, a Hindu Festival of Colors which celebrates the welcoming of spring and the triump of good over evil, which occured on March 11, 2009.  I loved the pics as well and love the colors. I've never been to the festival, but have known many "celebraters." Check out the pics:

I love the colors (not to mention the photographs spectacular), and it definelty looks like a celebration (my type of fun, running around, dancing and throwing colors!). Here are some of my favorite pics of my sister and friends/family celebrating The Festival of Colors:
This one of my favorite pics of Wheezy :) Its fun for the whole family:) They're welcoming spring along with new additions (these are a few years old). Yeah for spring and yeah for life!


Andrea, Mrs. said...

I've been to the one in Spanish Fork. It felt like we were breathing soap. It was wild and crazy. They brought over the actual dye they use in India, and they made some themselves. The stuff they get from India is a whole lot more vibrant (like your pictures). The soap stuff (the stuff they make) is more pastel.

But when they finally say to throw the powder--WHOAH! It's CRAZY! It's like one big cloud of colors. CRAZY! Fun, suffocating, and crazy.

elesa said...

Woah, that is so cool!

Nakki said...

Jealous! I always missed it. Maybe I'll just have to plan it so I'll be there next time I'm in India! :)

BRE said...

love the eye picture! i want to do my eyeshadow like that! ha. wheezy is so funny/cute! she was combing my hair with a plastic knife on saturday!