Monday, June 8, 2009

OC Walk for Lupus Now

Sat. was Orange County's first Walk for Lupus Now event sponsored by the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA). I had the opportunity to volunteer (since I do the LA walk with my team, Troop ET). I got there early (before 7am) to help with set up and registration. We had the fun task of blowing up (via helium) lots and lots of purple (Lupus color) balloons and hanging them up around the tents.Here's Christi Rauth (who's mother has Lupus) giving all of us volunteers instruction. Christi is in charge of all the CA walks, and does a fantastic job with each.Here we are at our table, waiting for the walkers to come.

The weather was actually very nice. It was a little overcast at first, but mild and beautiful. In the background is the Great Park Balloon, its a FREE hot air balloon that people can ride at the OC Great Park. It looks fun. But apparently there are a wind restrictions that limit operation.

I ended up having a really good time. I got to meet a lot of great people and hear about their stories. Some volunteers had been recently diagnosed with Lupus (within the last couple years), while other knew people who were currently suffering or had loved ones pass from the disease, like me. I didn't think it would be emotional, but I couldn't' help thinking about Eme toward the end of her fight. A mother and brother I met came down from Glendale who have a daughter/sister with Lupus. She's been through the same thing as Eme, dialysis, chemo, swelling, tiredness, etc. Luckily hers is in remission, unlike others who were there to make a statement while their loved ones were home with Hospice. Lupus really is an ugly disease. OC's goal was to raise $75,000, which I'm sure they achieved (they're currently at $66, 272). I was surprised at how many people actually came down to support. Everyone with their teams, co-works, friends, family members, all to support those who were suffering from the disease or had lost someone, or just to support a good cause. Anyways, I'm grateful too have been able to help out. I'm also still raising money for the LA Walk for Lupus Now, which is in Sept. You can visit my page here and help me toward my goal. We are making and difference, and we are raising an awareness. I was happy to see a Lupus billboard via The Ad Council in downtown Santa Ana! How cool is that! People are learning about the disease and the money we're raising is helping doctors work towards curing it. Additional photos can be viewed here!


The Rauths said...

I didn't know you had a blog!! =) thanks for the wonderful post! i hope i'll see ya'll in LA ... i cannot believe how soon the walk is! =) thanks for all your help. i couldn't have done it without you!

Nakki said...

And we couldn't do anything without you! Thank you for all your efforts :) And thanks for checking out my blog!