Monday, September 28, 2009

Pura Vida

So this post is well past due. For those of you who didn't know, I went to Costa Rica a few weeks ago. Here are some highlights of my trip (I suggest you go too, its quite the bang for your buck).Jaco
Sunset in Manuel AntonioGroup shot.

That is all I feel like writing. Too much happened in so short amount of time, it was very fun, & I loved it. River rafting was our favorite activity, then horseback riding, then canopy tour (zip line). I like colonies, bus rides, bananas flambe, volcanoes, signs in spanish, Fanta Kolita, light rain, my hair in humidity, mamon chinos, casado, etc.


Maleina said...

looking at your pictures it reminded me so much of home (minus the Spanish :) I told Sean we should just go there it is much cheaper.

elesa said...

Wow, for such a short post, you sure made it sound awesome. seriously. You had me at river rafting.

When I finally get to go someday, I'll have to ask you for some travel tips.

Nakki said...

It was seriously cheap! Total (including airfare), I paid $900! We did so much, and didn't skimp too much and it was still very reasonably prices. You could do the trip cheaper if you stayed in cheaper lodging...but we were happy w/what we paid (still cheap for nice places to stay).