Sunday, February 7, 2010

2009: Year in Review

Here you go Joleen and Dezba:

January: Turned 29...what an accomplishment. Leni took me to see John Legend & Estelle for my b-day...definitely a highlight.

February: Raised a letter grade for work. Now a level 3 Geologist :) Mike & Keli get married. Road trip to Vegas w/Leni, Jeremy, and Papo. Jo, Joseph & baby meet up with us in Vegas. Also, another AZ road trip for the Sky Walk. Totally worth checking out...if you're pocket book allows it. Thanks again Monica! Viva the Hualupai Nation!
March: Leni & I visit the Romo's. Got scared by a gun show in Oatman...where they have wild burros roaming through the streets and spent time at the Avi (I didn't win big).
April: Pizmo Beach. Took a small road trip to Pizmo for camping, 4-wheelin in the dunes, cinammon eating and, Rach came down:) It was my first time here and we had a blast.

May: Camping in Joshua Tree w/Joleen, Joseph & Yo'sea. Williow Springs Family Reunion. Leni's first time visiting the rez and really getting to experience the Begay Family. We got to play 500 in the rain and I practiced my fashion skills by donning a trash bag skirt. He also got to see the Grand Canyon for the first time (the south rim that is, we visiting The Sky Walk earlier in the year).
June: Yard sale in SNA. ?Sarah-Dawn and I gathered our junk and headed to the 714 for their semi-annual yard sale. We loaded up her Pilot and ended up bringing most of it back. lol I think i made $20, but it was well worth the experience! Melissa & Brian get married. Was one of the loveliest weddings ever and Michael Jackson would of been proud to see the wedding crowd dance to thriller.

July: Dezi shotgun wedding (well maybe its just a "gun" wedding, without the shots? hahaa jk!) and I trek to UT. Took family pictures compliments of Laura Emery County Blackwell Douvoich (sp?) Native Celebration in the Park for the 24th. Celebrated Remmi's b-day party & played on the most fun water slide ever with the Peterson clan. Even the parents went down the slide, and yes we were all fully clothed. Also got to spend quality time with the family ;) P.S. Good job SLC on the Farmers Market. Did you know they take food stamps? I do now!
August: ? Camping/climbing in Joshua Tree?

September: PURA VIDA! Got my 1st passport and finally left the country (with the exception of Mexico)! Had a great time and LOVED every minute on it. Not to mention became part of a very exclusive group: The CCG.
October: Halloween? Dressed up like the Mad Hatter, can't wait till Tim Burton's version comes out. But most important event (possibly of the year), The ROMO family sealing :) Pretty sure that topped the cake. Vee and I couldn't hold back the tears when they brought little Yo'sea in to be with her parents. Families really can be eternal through Gods power. I love my family, earthly & eternally :)
November: Taotua wedding! Make another trek to UT for Erma's wedding. It was a lovely wedding and Wendy flew out and Crissy drove down. It was the first time we'd all been "reunited" in a LONG time (the Ohana House was just missing Nila! Vanezza even MOVED to make it lol). Thanksgiving...w/Hippies. Hahahaa, drove to St. George to spend it with Vee's family & friends, & their friends, & their friends' friends....I also moved out of my apt. this month into a Public Storage unit #59, little did I know that would be my belongings new home till mid January! I started my adventure of sleeping on friends couches, beds, etc. Not to mention got 2 cold sores this month...guess it was a month of STRESS (no really, I completely herpes free). Its been a year since Shinuli has passed away. She's still one of my hero's :)
December: Elder Jacob Begay came home! and, my car turned 2 years old! I bought my car last year the day Jacob went into the MTC. I had to wait to see Jake till just before Christmas but it was good to see pics and videos up until then. He was a good missionary and it was great to finally get to see him. Another Dec. highlight was getting to be with the whole family at my parents house. It had been years since we'd all been together and nothing feels more happy than being with the whole family :) It was also great to see/play in snow (its been in the 60's in CA) and to see cousins come down for Jacob's Homecoming report in church. P.S. Still homeless.
(Picture taken the day he went into the MTC, awwwww.....)


nava_jo said...

Gah, this shows me how much family time we had this year. What a fun year. :)

Dezi and Brock said...

Wow! you did so much the family! I love it! And you were everywhere, that's awesome. I'm glad you finally put it up!!

Maleina said...

awww.. we are toying with the idea of another Dizzyland trip...but we always do that from time to time. Hope 2010 is just as fun for you! and I hope you find a home soon :)

Crystal said...

Thanks for the recap! I LOVE the header picture!!
Hey, Maleina, when you plan to go back to DLand, let me know.

elesa said...

You had such a full year. Some year I am going to take that many trips.

Cathy Duffy said...

wait, you turned 29 this year? i thought you were the same age as me?...30...sound like you had a fun year! Although it's been too long since I've seen you!-- I can't believe how big and grown up Jacob is... I still remember him as a little 10 year old boy crawling around your house with Pakrat? kids