Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bikes + Skirts

We recently moved church building. I've had great aspirations to ride my bike to church since this new building is only ~3 miles away. I tried to bike today (the sun is always inviting at noon), and ended having to drive since it took me so long to figure out what to wear. Now it usually takes me sometime to figure out what to wear, but I was trying to think of what to wear on a bike (the whole underwear showing thing can be an issue). On my mission we would ride bikes occasionally and used the safety pin or clothes pin method by pinning the front and back of our skirts together (with a safety pin - making a -pseudo parachute pant) or to the bike frame (pin front & back, or just front to the brake wires on the frame so it stays put -- we had girl bikes with the angeled girl bar making it easier to mount & dismount).  I would probably still use this method had I more than 1 skirt (casual knit tie-died) long skirt. I also don't have a skirt bar on my bike (its boy frame that comes straight across.  I was googleing other sites to see if anybody had any information they could pass on, and came across the following sites:

Cyclelicious: Skirt and Bicycle Word to the wise, "long skirts become short skits and short skirts become shorter skirts on a bike."
(image via Cyclelicious)
Happy Woman Magazine: Cycling in Skirts "...the added benefit of short skirts is greater thigh exposure." "...A dirty thrill with the element of surprise." "(Oh! Is my thigh showing? Who would have thought?)" Note: Okay, maybe this site wasn't the best for trying to keep my under clothing covered, but it did offer the comic relief.

San Francisco Coalition: The Diva's Guide to Biking "don't despair, it's easy to wear skirts and heels while riding a bike. " "Be glam, ride safe, and enjoy the city!"

Rue de Bicyclette: No Fears...You can Bike in Anything "Riding is fun. Being outside feels good. Try it. "

Bike Hugger. They have lots of link to other sites for lots of biking topics.

I also like Cycle Chic. They have lots of images of commuters with skirts.
(image via Cycle Chic)
Since I didn't make it to church via bike this week, be assured that I will next week (no worries, I picked the proper outfit this week...just not in time). I've also decided that I need to invest in a couple more bike-appropriate skirts & leggings (did someone say, shopping???), my extensive supply of pencil skirts just won't cut it.  Do you have any suggestions on what works for you?  Tricks of the trade? Let me know! :)


Crystal said...

Sadly, I have no suggstions, but really you ARE the shopping master, so I have no doubts that you will find something functional as well as stylish. Just remember to post pics!

Lyndsay said...

Are you sure there isn't a way to ride side saddle?

Ashley said...

Hey, I can relate to this. I only have 1 pair of running shorts, and I just started biking on this road bike. They balloon out so I am sure people can see clear up them so this week, I will be shopping for some biking shorts. That is fun to ride to church! I am impressed, I barely make it to church as it is and I walk about 20 yards.

Yokota Fritz said...

Thanks so much for the link to Cyclelicious.

The elastic band / garter trick mentioned in the "Diva's Guide" seems to work well. This is what my friend Reese does when she rides her bike and it works very well for her.

Amber said...

Laughing so hard. My church attire is determined by what my boys won't cause me to flash someone. Maybe safety pins are the answer to everything.

elesa said...

The thing that works best for me is to ride my bike side saddle. That way..... Oh, darn. Someone else already suggested that. Hmmm, how about riding to church with pants under your skirt that you can deftly take off and slip into your church bag once you get there?

Maleina said...

I can just see you ripping through your closet trying to find appropriate bike to church attire. Since when have you been afraid to show a little thigh? Wait that was your sister who always accidentally flashed everyone!

Anonymous said...

I have worn skirts all my life. Always have. And I've gone bike riding since 3 years. Never had a problem. A pair of "bloomers" or shorts are great. But as for the skirt... make it flare, but not so flare that it flys away. Not one of those circle skirts. Also make it be a heavier faberic. Like denim, or a heavier cottin. Just not a gauzylike, supper thin dressy faberic. And the length should be not longer than mid calf. Knee length may be too short as you are lifting your knees as you pedal.
I love biking. I do casual mountian biking with my brothers, even considered entering some races. Haven't had the courage yet, :)
Hope this helps.