Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1 June 2010

So today was a "sick" day. I had originally taken it off as part of my Memorial vacation but hadn't been feeling well and therefore didn't make it into work today.  It was nice to actually sleep in (that doesn't happen when you have nieces and nephews waking up at the crack of dawn to see what Auntie Naco's up to - not complaining, just stating), and check e-mails, FB, reader, etc. from bed.  I also caught up on my Glee episodes and went through my junk mail. I was feeling a bit better toward the latter part of my day and ended up getting myself out of the house to see a 4:20 showing of "Exit Through the Gift Shop." I had mentioned that I had want to see it earlier and was thrilled to see that it was in town. I give it 3 thumbs up (can't lie about feeling gitty about capturing visual of street artists - mostly Banksy - in the act). I did notice that its rated R (for language) though.  I was also able to FORCE myself to start working on a baby quilt that I had started at least a month ago. I have a hard time with sewing.  I usually get so "gun ho" (is that the saying?) toward the beginning of a sewing project, but quickly get disinterested and distracted to actually finish it.  Today was productive.  I actually starting sewing it together. I'm learning some things I should have done (I swear I should just take a sewing class already!), and what I should do differently next time.  I'll post pics once its finished.  I need to trim the edges and attach the cheater binding.  Oh, here are some links to a couple projects I came across today that I need to add to my list of "To Do's:"

Scarfs How-To by The Purl Bee
Embroidery technique also by The Purl Bee


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