Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alien Encounters...

I'm sitting here sipping on hot Peppermint tea on this drizzly day...ahhh...todays blog post is solely to post about a recent sighting! I've been a huge graffiti/street art junkie for quite sometime now.  I posted about seeing "Exit Through the Gift Shop" which did a slight background on Space Invader...I was in Hollywood (Larchmont Village) this week and spotted this in a kicks store:
Eek! I was sooo excited (so excited I forgot to ask the shop owner if this was in fact an original).  I'm thinking it is and saying just that.  I get soo giddy when I spot a Shepard Fairey, Banksy, anything else ect. This area is know for its graffitti art (most commonly placed by CBS-City Bomb Squad-a local Hollywood crew)...I try to snap pics when I can (would always carry my camera everywhere I went before it was I'm just grateful for my 8mpx camera phone)...anyways, hope you guys find this as exciting as I do! "If you don't know...ask someone."

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