Thursday, December 2, 2010

Its Beginning to Look a lot Like CHRISTMAS

D E C E M B E R  
is upon us and now that the roommates are home, its time for holiday decorating.  There are three of us girls here which means a mix of holiday decorating styles.  We were able to put some stuff up last night but still have more to do (aka the TREE - no worries, pics will follow).  I'm uber excited for the holidays (Christmas is my favorite).  I've pulled out stuff for ornament making and need to finish up holiday gifts.  I have a cute little stocking my sister made for me a few years back but wanted to make another for the fireplace this year (yes, I have a cute little fireplace and mantel-did I mention that I love where I live?).  I'm inspired by these stockings Free People made a few years back and want to look up pom pom tutorials (anyone know a good one? I swear YouTube is my source for all); the pic.

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elesa said...

cute. for the first time I feel like making our own stockings and am always on the lookout for some cute designs. and I never check you tube for tutorials for anything. I am so dumb! Duh, you have just made my life easier.