Monday, December 20, 2010


I finally broke down and bought me another digital camera.  I've been without one for about a year now (lost in the last move).  My camera phone has been my staple (thanks Droid Incredible 8 megapixel camera).  I used to take my little Canon everywhere with me and now have to get myself in that habit again (I currently don't even know where I put it....).  I do like my phone camera, its just not as functional as a "real" camera. It does take some lovely pictures, here are some of my favorites (thanks FX Camera app):
 Summer time + Antro love: Vegas trip Summer 2010
 Rainbows + painted toes
 The infamous Watts Tower, Watts, CA
 China Town, LA, CA
 I'm in LOVE with their spring die for (China Town, LA, CA)
 Rainy day in Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada
 "H2O is life" City Farmer, Vancouver, Canada
 Toll booth complex, I-73, Laguna Canyon, CA
 Thanksgiving in Santa Monica, CA
 Bikes: I'm obsessed
Santa Monica Beach, CA
"Bikes are the Answer", boardwalk, Santa Monica Beach, CA


Mandy said...

Great pics! Who is that babe on the bike in your last photo? :) Can't wait to see the "real" photos with your new camera! Photo sesh tonight?

Nakki said...

That "babe" is a bike model. I always see someone famous when I'm in LA!

Lyndsay said...

I need to commission you for some Toledo pics. The prob is that you'd have to actually COME TO TOLEDO. You really are an impressive photographer.